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How to combine css js via Gulp

How to combine css js via Gulp

This article’s going to show “How to combine css js via Gulp”


For Window Installation

1/ firstly, install nodejs
2/ then go to command line to install some modules

cmd > npm install gulp –save-dev
cmd > npm install –save-dev gulp-concat
cmd > npm install gulp-rename gulp-uglify –save-dev
cmd > npm install –save-dev del
cmd > npm install gulp-sourcemaps –save-dev
cmd > npm install –save-dev gulp-concat-css

3/ Copy or create gulpfile.js to folder where you want to put then go to command line and move to folder that contain gulpfile.js and type
cmd > gulp

if everthing is ok you will see something these lines, ctrl + C and enter Y to terminate your command!

[13:32:05] Using gulpfile ~\Desktop\tmp\gulpfile.js
[13:32:05] Starting ‘watch’…
[13:32:05] Finished ‘watch’ after 12 ms
[13:32:05] Starting ‘clean’…
[13:32:05] Starting ‘css’…
[13:32:05] Finished ‘clean’ after 42 ms
[13:32:05] Starting ‘scripts’…
[13:32:05] Finished ‘css’ after 93 ms
[13:32:05] Finished ‘scripts’ after 90 ms
[13:32:05] Starting ‘default’…
[13:32:05] Finished ‘default’ after 11 μs
^CTerminate batch job (Y/N)? Y

gulpfile.js content:

and you should create js/b.js, a.js, css/style.css, test.css with some files to test.

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