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Patch magento fast on linux platform

Patch magento fast

This should you the way to “patch magento fast” on Centos.

Go to command and install patch command line:
( For patch files with the file extension .patch before type patch we install:
patch –p0 < patch_file_name.patch )

Other case .sh file we type like the bellow:


In some case it failed, because you changed origin files or that patch need new files and you don’t have. The way to do if not success be you must do manually, it takes time and need patient to read “git diff” and update for your site. Using git to track changes easily.

Magento patch manually

Now you know how to “patch magento fast”.

Magento upgrade latest version

Magento upgrade latest version

“Magento upgrade latest version” that is very important. Because old versions have a lot of problem about security, it’s easy to be hacked by hackers.
So we should upgrade site to lastest version

Step 1: Backup your live site including database, source. To make safe for your live site. You can download lastest source code, database and install to localhost.

Step 2: Config and run site on localhost then perform login to backend site.

Step 3: Go to System –> Magento Connect, click on  Magento Connect Manager

Click on Setting tab, set Stable on Preferred state option.

How-to-upgrade-Magento-to-the-latest-version setting

Then click on Extensions tab,  enter the following into the extention key box: “magento-core/Mage_All_Lates”


If get errors, you can click on “Check for Upgrades” then check row that colored and choose version to upgrade for each row then commit to apply changes to allow download & install

After, click on Install button and wait to complete.

Step 4: Clear cache and retest your site. If everything’s fine we can update to live server.

You can do on live site if you want or your database is big.

So you can do something with sequence to make “Magento upgrade latest version” for your site.